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My name is Nicole and I love all things design. Actually, all things in any artistic form whether art & design, music, architecture or film, I love to see and learn about.

I was born in Miami Beach, Florida and moved to Murrieta, California where I've lived all of my life (if I don't count 5 years in Fullerton for schooling). I attended Cal State Fullerton knowing without a doubt that I wanted to pursue Graphic Design. I'm a driven, aspiring individual who loves to see new places, travel and appreciate the experiences that come with it. I've been blessed with many opportunities and learning experiences not only when it comes to designing, but in life as well. :) 

I also enjoy:

  • netflix, movies & video games 
  • museums & disneylanding
  • playing the drums or other instruments
  • going to concerts
  • collecting pressed pennies :)