"...and above all these put on love
which binds everything together in perfect harmony."



This past weekend had me feeling all kinds of emotions and thinking all of kinds of things. Heartbreak, sadness, shock, denial, fear and uncertainty and a lot of times at a loss for words. When I was reading all of the updates and news articles from both tragedies, I couldn't help but feel those emotions and more. But what I was able to find in the dark heaviness of the news were people and stories of love, compassion, unity and no judgment, to help those who were hurting and mourning. This morning at work there was a time of prayer for these past events and hearing a prayer for those people who weren't open to love or feel compassion for everyone really broke my heart because it was just the reality of it. It's crazy stuff and what I'm feeling right now is 100,000,000 times less than the ones who had to find out the loss of a loved one. It has made me appreciate what I have right now and who I have right now---for my boyfriend, my coworkers, my friends, my family, my mom and dad, and my Kuya---every second of every day is always THE perfect time to thank and love and appreciate the ones in your life. I'm a person that overthinks to the max and worries about the little things and the little details, but when it comes to the big picture, it's best to take time to look at it before it's too late.

But yeah, I originally meant for this post to be a bit more light hearted than my last one (venting on life), but I decided to write about this instead because although I didn't lose a loved one during this, it still affected me a lot (I know I'm not the only one) and had me thinking about a lot of things, people and reality of the amount of people who love and the amount of people who hate.

I'll close this one out with that reminder to put on love---to anyone and everyone.



Nicole Angeles