Catching Up

HELLO after a long absence of forever! I've been SO busy this past month that I still have a lot of photos from amazing events that have happened! I will highlight a very important one though---my brother (Kuya) and Amy got married this past Sunday and it couldn't have made me any happier! Yes I did shed tears on several occasions throughout and I'm so excited to see their journey unfold together! I was also very privileged to be part of their wedding as a bridesmaid, CAUGHT THE BOUQUET (!!) and I helped out with some handwritten signs and pictured above, the wedding programs. I explored into a new medium of GOLD LEAFING (Gilding I believe) and although it took hours and hours (total 12) of gilding the initials to 50 of these, I'm glad I got to experiment with something new that I could use for future projects! So far I've learned the craft of block print and carving rubber stamps for camp, handmade etching on glass for Christmas and now gilding letters! It's fun to be able to step back from the computer once in a while and create something out of my comfort zone :). Anyway, super congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Angeles!! <3

So even AFTER the busyness of the wedding (which by the way was preceded two days with a wedding that I helped Justin shoot) I'm still scrambling to get things done! I have to wrap (late) wedding gifts, finish cards, edit photos, clean up, and design a logo for a client, while at the same time, continue my search for better opportunities! 

Okay!! I need to go back to card-making but hopefully I'll post again soon with some belated photos! 

Nicole Angeles