Thursday Thaangs

HELLO ALL after a decently-semi-long absence! (not really..) This month has been BUSY! From second shooting weddings to bridal showers (still have to upload pictures!) to bachelorette parties to birthdays to preparing for a wedding that I'm a part of, it's crazy to think that January is already halfway done! Today I get to accompany the airport pick-up of my brother who is hailing from South Korea! I'm excited to see him and to hang out before the big day and even more excited for him and Amy as they go into a wonderful chapter of their lives together! There will definitely be waterworks from my eyes that day, which is not a pleasant-looking scene. Anyway, in terms of designs for this month, I've done some announcement slides for church and I get to design the wedding programs for the wedding! I've also been frantically trying to finish 3 birthday cards simultaneously because Justin's birthday is on the 20th and Kuya's AND Justin's sisters' birthdays are on the 21st! I still have to wrap gifts too! :S

OH in case you haven't checked it out yet, I put up amazing photos (courtesy of Justin Critz Photography) of my One Camp branding! I'm SO happy with how everything came out :)


Okay! I should get back to working on birthday cards...and other things that take up 8 hours of the day. XD Have a great one!


Nicole Angeles