To Go Places

Happy Friday! I'm excited to get off work today because I'm going with my bf to riverside for some Youtube collaborating! (Him of course, not me haha). It's neat because this guy lives by/attends CBU so it'll be cool to see the campus! I love visiting college campuses :D. Anywho, I'm currently working on more Camp stuff---mostly the booklet because the shirt files are already ready and I'm still waiting on some names for nametags. OH and I have to get started on some ink printing...but that's a surprise! At the same time, I'm sluggishly updating my portfolio because:
1. There's a lot of projects to include
2. I have to re-save all the images and artwork to the CMYK/300dpi format
3. I just get distracted too easily XD

It's okay...I'll get it done!!

Nicole Angeles