Ash Katchup #1

Photos by Brooke Aliceon Photography

F I N A L L Y . This is my first Catchup of 2016! And it's probably one of the coolest events we've done so far, which was Bryan Lanning's Like a Lion EP Release Party! This was back in January at the Youtube Space in LA, which is very cool in itself. I would love to do something like that more often because it was an incredible night and an awesome time with family and friends and people we met there. I wasn't planning on making a video with my poorly shot, low-res clips from that night but I yes. HERE IT IS: 

I had a lot of fun compiling my video and using iMovie for the first time! (Haha.) AND I had a lot of fun fiddling with Garage Band to make the chill background music! Took me a while to finish both simultaneously but I'm hoping to make more videos like that (but with better filming skillZ.) I know I already linked them on my youtube video but just wanted to mention the super nice people we got to meet (aaand shout out to Justin of course):

Justin Critz:
The Johnson Fam:
Ellie & Jared:
Chris Ballinger:
 Mattie Faith:

Honorable mentions: Freebirds catering, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Youtube Space LA, and Designs by McKenna Shae (awesome engraved key necklaces) AND amazing photography by Brooke Aliceon :) Check them outtt. 

Okee!! I hope you enjoyed the quick, shaky video and I'm glad I got to catch you up on ONE of the many 2016 adventures that I've had so far! 



Nicole Angeles