The Day of the Camel

Hallo! Happy Wednesday slash hump day slash mid-week day :)

I've been quiiiite horrible at catching my blog up with past events and adventures and happenings mostly because I never know what to talk about (and I probably forget a lot of them...) I guess in regards to recent events it's been pretty hectic. I've been working on some projects for Easter (which is a pretty big event with a multitude of collateral) along with some other projects for other ministries that have been pretty fun to do. :D The past couple weeks have been pretty tough at work and it took me a good week or so to get back into a regular work rhythm buuuuut still pretty bummed. :/ Anywhoo I've been failing miserably to eat 'healthier' and 'exercise/jog/workout' more...and I don't know why it's harder for me to do it at this point in my life compared to like TWO years ago when I was super disciplined and consistent. My goal is to reach my goal by the end of May (when I move out for 3 months from my place and hopefully move back in---side story in itself) BUT I have done very little to nothing about it. Will power, Niki. WILL. POWER. I have been cooking a little more though and this week I cooked a spinach dip chicken thing from a cooking vid off Facebook and MAN it is the best thing I have ever cooked in my liiiiiiiife. I'm planning on replicating the recipe for Justin sometime back home because it's amaaazing. I also started making smoothies that exhibit a gross-looking color of dark magenta-y brown poop. Still delicious though. 

TANGENT! So, songwriter/musician of the year goes to Gavin James---we saw him perform at the House of Blues in Anaheim last May, opening for Tori Kelly AND MY GOSH this guys' voice is amazing. I'm SO glad we were able to discover that hidden GEM last year and more recently I've been listening to his music again! You must listen to his songs---especially "Nervous" & "BItter Pill." Do etttttt. He's coming out with a full album this month and I'm excited for thaaaaaat. I'm also excited for Phantogram's new album but it probably won't be released until at the end of this year or next year and I'm actually looking forward to Zayn Malik's debut album toooo...the singles he's released so far have been pretty impressive and I can only imagine the rest of the songs being that good. 

Speaking of music, I brought my electronic drum set to my room in Irvine and I've practiced a couple times on it---I'm trying to come up with some parts for Justin's new song that we'd like to record soon and besides that, I have fun playing along a shuffled list of songs off my iphone. I actually have some songs in mind that I'd like to make drum covers of but I don't know when that will be...

OKAY! I realize that this post is pretty random and scattered (but aren't all of them like that?) and I'll let you continue doing more productive things. I'd like to post more on my blog so hopefully I can stop being lazy and indecisive and just do etttttt.

Hope you have a great night :))


Fun Fact: I took a short questionnaire for a personality assessment thing and I'm a Camel with semi-Turtle tendencies. Yep. Didn't plan the title to be related but it IS Wednesday after all.



Nicole Angeles