Photo/Design by Nicole Angeles // Please do not use or alter. // 

Photo/Design by Nicole Angeles // Please do not use or alter. // 

Happiest of Friday (finally)! As always and like many others, I'm always happy/excited on these days because I finally get to relax from the work week! Even if it's only for two days…

Anyway, I know some of my blog images usually don't pertain to what I write about in that particular post BUT it's just one way for me to create some quick small designs---and I have fun doing it! :) This image was taken at the Huntington Library which I hope to visit again soon!

I wanted to write about something off-topic, but it relates to me personally because it's another passion of mine: MUSIC & DRUMS! Yesterday I was watching some videos of my favorite youtube people, who happen to be very, VERY talented and awesome drummers ohmanletmetellyou! Cobus Potgieter is amazing and his skills are ridiculously crazy, as well as Lindsey Raye Wards' skills too! I also (re)discovered Luke Holland who is also super crazy good and I didn't realize that I had watched one of his drum covers a long time ago and it was only recently that I found him again! You should check them out!! Buuut, fangirling aside, I've been getting back into music recently because of an upcoming show that my boyfriend is performing at and I get to play the cajón as well as keyboard, which I am pretty nervous about. I'm also thinking about (maaaybe) making some drum covers of my own but we'll see! Also, we recently got one of our recorded songs back mastered and it sounds amazing already! I'm excited to get all of the songs mastered as well as the last song recorded!

Okay! I should probably go back to doing some other things…I just wanted to write about how amazing those drummers are and some musical projects that I'm currently involved in! :)

Have a great day today!

Nicole Angeles