Muggy Outside

Photo taken at Catalina Islands // 

Photo taken at Catalina Islands // 

Oh man! It's been a whole week since I wrote on here! :S Happy Friday again! It's been a busy week and I've been practicing for our show tomorrow, designing for camp AND a couple days ago, the four of us embarked on an adventure to Catalina Islands! It was nice and chilly and we walked around and ate a lot, but the views were beautiful! It was peaceful and relaxing so much so that I forgot it was the middle of the week instead of the weekend! After we left the island and got back into Newport we ate dinner at an AMAZING place in Fullerton called Cha2O---we've been there a lot of times because the food is great, there's a wide variety AND their boba drinks are sooo good. :) If Disneyland weren't closing so early that day, we would have gone there too but we just went home instead, pooped and ready to go to bed. 

So I'm finishing up the Camp booklets and I received a quote from a nice printshop that I've used for Worship Night and other events, but I didn't realize how expensive it was to get booklets made. My asking quote was for 80 booklets, saddled stitched, full-color and about 30 pages: ALMOST $2000. GAHH. After finding that out I immediately thought of Reprographics on the Cal State Fullerton campus and decided to print booklets there since it's cheaper and I've worked with them numerous times. Fortunately it IS cheaper to get everything done but I just have to finalize the pages, print out a sample booklet, drive to Fullerton from San Diego to drop off the file and then go back the next day to pick it up. I'd rather spend money on a little gas than $2000 dollars. Then I just have to worry about getting everyone's nametags done and shirts, which are pretty time sensitive too...

Anyway! I'm excited and nervous for tomorrow and if you're free, then head over to the Starbucks off Murrieta Hot Springs and Hancock at 7pm for some neat performances! :)

Nicole Angeles