Photo/Design by Nicole Angeles--please do not use or alter w/o permission. Thanks.

Photo/Design by Nicole Angeles--please do not use or alter w/o permission. Thanks.

Oh it's Monday….

Hello all (all 2 of you haha)! I don't know if it's because it's Monday or just a lot of things on my mind but I'm feeling kind of bleaah today. I guess one thing on my mind is deciding to wait another 6-7 months for another opportunity---one that will hopefully be better than my current situation (but still grateful for it nonetheless). I'm praying about it and I shouldn't dwell on it too much until that time comes! I know I'm being vague about it but if you've talked to me then you'll probably know what it's about! I'm also getting slightly overwhelmed with everything that is happening this month into January-ish. I'm not too worried about my design projects, but it's just managing my time and financial stuff (CHRISTMAS?!) as well as other things . I'll just have to take one day at a time and FOCUS!

On a happier note, our show on Saturday was amazing and there was a great turnout! We had the support of family and friends and even my friend that I've known since Kindergarten was there! And everyone else who performed was so nice and it was cool getting to talk to talk to some of them. During our set I was so nervous and apparently my facial expressions made it obvious. :P It was such a neat experience and it was refreshing to be able to perform a live set again after a long time…and without a full band haha. I've been looking around for places for us to play some acoustic sets and so far I've found some in San Diego and a couple in Fullerton. If you know any venues (I'm looking at coffee shops for now) then let me know! :) We also really want to record our third song so we can finally put an EP together! Buut that costs money…and time haha so I don't know when it will be---probably after the holidays.

Okay! I have to get back to things! Please excuse my very informal blog writing! I'm still working on it! :D 


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