Patterns & Thankfulness

So I've noticed a pattern on my blog in which I post on Fridays more often then other days. I wish I could write one everyday but I don't have all the time to do that---or the content. :P The photos above are just a few that I took (on my phone) when we went to Catalina Islands! I still have to edit the ones I took on my DSLR but who knows when that will be… Anyway, Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a wonderful one with family and friends and loved ones alike! Mine was pretty nice because I got the best of both food worlds---traditional Thanksgiving food for lunch with my boyfriends' family and then Filipino food for dinner with my parents and their friends from church. Everything was so yummy and I ate TOO MUCH but it was worth it! During lunch we watched the Dog Show that always airs on Thanksgiving and then the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade where Pentatonix performed and sounded amaazing. It was nice seeing friends and family yesterday and being able to relax! 

In regards to design projects, I'm still kind of on hold for some of the camp ones because I'm just waiting for more numbers, content, etc. I was relieved when I found out the shirts won't cost the amount I thought it would AND that my Titan Card for CSUF was still active so I can use it to pay for booklets. I'm currently working on a Christmas flyer for church and I put my portfolio update on hold for now.

Today I'm going to watch Mockingjay (finally) with my boyfriend as we celebrate 28 months together on the 28th! :) So excited!! 

Nicole Angeles