Rainy Day Why!

Happy rainy Thursday all! 

My drive to work this morning was scary and full of heavy rain, slippery roads, and super-intense water sprays from cars that were ahead of me. I've also been sick since Sunday and I called the day off yesterday to recover a little (from being sick AND from the Alex G concert, which was AMAZING…and to do some Christmas shopping). 

I really liked today's Vrsly on Instagram and to me it was a reminder to be patient and to really rely on what God's plan is for me, rather than what I want to plan for myself. I've been getting back into a bummy state in regards to the work/career area in my life and I'm getting impatient again. I just need to keep my head up! "Keep your faith great in the Lord and expect great things from Him." :')

This year I'm doing a DIY thaaang for my Christmas gifts and I bought everything yesterday, got all my shopping done and ordered everything online! I just have to put everything together and I'll be A-OK for Christmas! Other than that I'll be submitting the shirt design for Camp (finally) when the printers come back from vacation and the booklets are still on hold!    I had fun designing the Christmas Celebration flyer for church and I'm excited for the party! Here it is if you'd like to take a gander (I still have to add it to my design page):

Design + Photo + Copyright by Nicole Angeles. Do not use or alter please.

Design + Photo + Copyright by Nicole Angeles. Do not use or alter please.

OH and also! Justin and I playing another show in December! It's run by the same person, same place and different performers! I need to practice a lot again! :D I'll link info later! Anywayy, I should get back to my 8 hour routine haha…hope you have a great and safe day!

P of S: Walking dead Mid-Season finale WHY?! T_T

Nicole Angeles