So I'm just going to dump the busyness of this month and next month because it may be the reason why I won't post for a while :x. I'm still putting together (and waiting for more packages) my Christmas gifts and a couple birthday gifts so I don't have to be last minute with them, though I keep finding new little things I have to buy/make, which tends to drag this whole process a little longer than I had hoped. I also have to finish the camp booklets, stamp the totes, finish nametags, slides, signs and send the shirt order in. Additionally, I'll be driving from San Diego to Fullerton after work to bring a sample booklet to reprographics, and then drive back another day for pick up, all before 4:30pm when they close. We're also practicing this week for our show this Saturday AND the Christmas party on Sunday AND I have to put together 100 little goodie bags for a work party on Friday  -_-. Aside from a dinner with friends, Christmas, monthiversary and Camp preparations, that's pretty much the gist of my December for now. I did manage to finish Rehearsal Dinner invitations for my bro and his fiancé so I just have to print them and maybe add a little something extra to each one. 

January is a whole different thing---the actual camp is the 1st – 3rd, second shooting 2 weddings, designing wedding programs, going to a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and being part of a wedding, my brother's birthday, boyfriends' birthday and his sisters' birthday, and to top it off, working everyday for 8 hours. I didn't even feel like elaborating because I'm exhausted thinking about it BUT I'm also excited at the same time! :D

Busyness aside, I had a great weekend, which consisted mainly of going to a decked-out Christmassy Disneyland for the last time before our passes expire, and before that, I got to help with an engagement shoot in Balboa Park with a lovely couple. And yes, we drove the 50 miles from Murrieta to San Diego, the 90-something miles from San Diego to Anaheim, and the 60ish miles from Anaheim back to Murrieta----it was worth it and it was fun! I'm glad I got to see Disneyland during Christmas-time because it's even more magical than usual! And Justin finally got to watch the amazing Fantasmic show!! I think that's my favorite show out of both parks :)) Anywho, I have some pictures from Sunday with our cool adventures, buut I still have to edit them---I'll get it on here soon though!

Nicole Angeles