Alma Mater

Hi all!! Sorry it's been a while...

Yesterday I drove from San Diego after work to Cal State Fullerton, my alma mater! Being there reminded me of my school days and how I actually really loved college. It's a different environment but I always feel comfortable there and in that area (which is why it would be nice to work up there). I visited Steve from Digital Print Services (formerly Reprographics) and he's still the same cool, kind, tall man from when I used to visit the print shop for Graphic Services. It was nice seeing a familiar face and catching up a little and he was so nice to help me place the order for the camp booklets :)). I had some extra time on my parking pass so I did some business with the Alumni Association, bought a chai tea latte from The Cup at the TSU and walked around the art department and library, the TSU Art Gallery and of course I checked out the old Graphic Services space. It was weird walking down the (pictured) hallway again after 2 years because I had probably walked that at least a thousand times before, every single day. Reaching to the end I noticed the Graphic Services signs were all gone. I'm not sure what it's called now but they changed it a lot since we all graduated which makes me kind of sad. I don't have any person to connect to anymore that would give me a reason to walk inside, especially when all of our pictures, displays, memories and inside jokes were thrown out. In the picture though (that I creepily took) there's a band poster I made on the wall for "Max and the Moon." It was one of my last projects at GSP after 5 1/2 years of working there and making awesome friends and memories. It was my first job ever and I'm still blessed to have been given that opportunity. Being on campus made me sad that I wasn't a student anymore and becuase I really enjoyed those years at CSUF. I wouldn't mind taking a campus job again buuut it would have to match my current $$ or better haha! :P Anyway, I miss that place and I'll be back this Saturday and next week! 

Now that the booklets are ordered in, all that's left to worry about are shirts (majorly) and making sure nametags fit in the badge holders haha. There's also lyric slides and signs but I'm not too worried about those...

I'm also almost done with my Christmas giftings!! It's taking me forever and it's a bummer when I'm still waiting for some gifts to arrive in the mail :/. They better come before Christmas!! I still have a lot to do though, like Christmas cards and buying some last minute stuff but hopefully I can get it all together before next week!

Sooo busy! XD

Nicole Angeles