Merry Christmas :)

Yes! Merriest of Christmas to you! This past month has been filled with so much busyness and gift-buying that it's just nice to be able to rest and unwind, not to mention spend time with family! Last night Justin and I had a nice dinner with my parents at home and had a fairly quick gift-opening session haha. We don't have many gifts but it's okay, it was still fun. Now that I'm older, I've shifted my focus more on giving gifts to people I care about rather than what I receive. I got some really cool gifts though!! We also got to Facetime with my Kuya and Amy, who are all the way in South Korea, which was really nice. And today I got to open a lot of gifts from Justin's family and everything was so cool! I'm really thankful for my family and Justin and his family :)) I'm super grateful for this day off from work's so nice not having to wake up super early, commute, work 8 hours and commute again. I miss sleeping in and enjoying my bed and eating breakfast with my parents in my pajamas haha. 

Now all that's left is New Years and our church camp! All I have to do are nametags and shirts! I'm excited to see everything together and to take some photos for my portfolio! 

Anyway, I hope you have a great rest of the day! :)

Nicole Angeles