A cheerful Shiba Inu! // Photos by Nicole Angeles--please don't use or alter w/o permission. :) // 

Once again, Happy Friday! Shiba Inu doge is excited too! :)) These were some shots I took at the Balboa Botanical Garden in San Diego and it was so cute I couldn't resist! This holiday season has caused me to lose track of the days so I didn't even realize it was Friday today! I'm so glad it is because I need some more sleep! I hope you all had a nice Christmas filled with lots of food, joy, family and gifts! I'm looking forward to this weekend because we get to hang out with our buddy Karl, who's visiting us from Florida (as he is stationed there). We're going to check out a sweet KBBQ place in Fullerton and maybe (hopefully) if there's time, I want to get some boba from Cha2O :3. Anywho, it's crazy to think that next week will already be 2015! MAN! This year has gone by so fast! I really want to work even harder in 2015 in regards to designing, music, being healthy and fit (hah!) and my career (whether I can/should find another opportunity elsewhere) and just work harder in life in general. I want to go visit more places and have more adventures AND take up more opportunities! :) I'm excited for 2015 but I just need to keep reminding myself to maintain that striving mindset! And you should too!

Have a great rest of your Friday!


Nicole Angeles