Happy Snow Yearrr

This is only 1 of like 3 dark pictures I was able to take this morning of the snow in Murrieta! It was a magical sight---and I wish I got to enjoy it at home in my jammies like everyone else in town. :| I had to drive to work and at one point I, along with fellow commuters, were driving at 45mph...and when it came to pass the CPH checkpoint (thing), it transitioned from driving in snow to driving in the rain. -_-. I'm sad that I didn't get to marvel and play and take more pictures of the snow back home. I'm just waiting to get off work in an hour so I can come back to puddles and more icy coldness. 

I won't even get to relax when I get back into Temecula/Murrieta because I still have a lot to do before camp! AND my parents are having the New Years Eve party at our house so I have to help out with that too! No breaks until after January haha. 

Anyway, hope you have a nice and safe New Years! :) 

Nicole Angeles