Winter in Julian

Happy Saturday all! I haven't been on my blog for some time because I went to our church camp in Julian! And there was snow everywhere! This was kind of my first time with snow and I loved every minute of it (I went a long time ago in Big Bear but I didn't like it so I stayed inside the whole time). The timing of our event and the beautifully fallen snow was a total blessing and it added a very magical winter feel to everyone's camp experience. I have a lot more photos to add (on another blog post :D) but  I just posted some of my favorite ones. I really enjoyed the 3 days in Julian, relaxing and fellowshipping with everyone while getting away from the business of everyday life and the city (even though I got sick the day before). I'm so SO happy with how everything turned out in regards to the camper S.W.A.G, which was a hand-stamped totebag, shirt, booklet, pen, nametag, sticker and buttons! Leading up to camp, things were pretty stressful but all in all, it was really nice being able to provide some mementos from camp for the campers and even more than just the material things the campers received, I hope that they also took home the love, memories and life lessons that they could apply to their lives. I'm thankful for the opportunity to use what I've been given to the best of my ability for the purpose of blessing others and adding just a little 'extra' something to their camp experience. 

So after our last session this morning, group pictures, packing and loading, we stopped by Mom's Pies! I haven't eaten mine yet but I'm excited to eat the Apple Boysenberry Crump pie! :) Anyway I hope you all had a great week and a nice weekend!

Nicole Angeles