it's bloggin time

*cue power rangers theme song and 90s electric guitar shredding*  

hi all, I'm BACK (again)(months later) HAPPY MARCH GUYS (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ I celebrated by birthday last weekend! It consisted of a nice dinner on my actual birthday with family and some friends and a trip to Catalina on Saturday...which was really fun but very tiring and super rainy. Anywho! I have an endless list of updates I should have posted about buuut I'll just mention a few! 

[update 01]
Justin and I released our first album last month! Our band name is called HIRAETH and if your ears had spare time to take a listen you can do so with the following links:



We're hoping to get some CDs and posters printed soon and film some music videos for some of the songs so stay tuned! :)  

[update 02]
I FINALLY finally finished rebranding and updating my website (but you probably noticed already) It's been quite the journey that started back in September and I've accepted the fact that being a designer means anything I design from myself will be under severe scrutiny and much indecisiveness haha. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and porfolio!! It's a GREAT FEELING knowing that it's done :)  

[update 03]
I have NEW PET SHRIMP! Justin got me an Ecosphere for my birthday and I can't describe HOW HAPPY I AM watching my 4 little shrimpies swimming around. I have yet to name the little ones and no shame, my Instagram stories  are filled with clips of them.  

Anywho, that's it for today! :D I'm hoping to put together some more posts with the hundreds of photos from past happenings and what not so be on the look out!










Nicole Angeles