w o r k i n g

....on some preeeeeetty neat stuff.  

OH WAIT HI, it's been a couple hundred days, many concerts, events, holidays, naps, almost-all-nighters, work hours, freelancing, birthdays, Starbucks runs, boba runs, lack of exercise runs, etc. 

To ensure that this post ACTUALLY makes it through the draft stage, I'll probably keep this short :). 

So when I say I'm working on some pretty neat stuff, I guess it's mostly centered around the music part of my life and a little of the design part too (but nothing major). If the two of you reading this didn't know, Justin and I are set to release our very first album under our band name, HIRAETH! We're pretty excited to share it with everyone and I'm super excited to design for it too. So keep your ears open!! WOOT. 

Also, you've probably noticed I only have like 2 pages on my website right now and it's been under construction for a while...WELLLLLL, I've been in the long process of rebranding myself (which is quite difficult to do as a designer/creative/indecisive person) with redesigning my site and blog. I get distracted waaaay too easily so THAT'S why it's a bit bare but it's coming sooooon I promise. :D 

OKAY! I think it would be best to sign off of this is before it gets lost in the archive of drafts :3. Hope all two of you have a goodnight/morning/day! 

P.S. minor updates:

  • subscribed to HULU for Scrubs, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and my love, Seinfeld.  
  • moved out of my room downstairs to the one upstairs (with Meiwen's blessing) and after making it homey, I LOVE MY ROOM and my bed is too comfortable in that I never want to get out of it...EVERR. 
  • an inflatable t-rex costume, which happens to be officially licensed by JURASSIC WORLD. 👌🏼 guaranteed to be used outside of halloween
  • finally got a Disney annual pass again
  • retired my first MacBook and got a new (refurbished one). it's so niceeeeee.  
  • had the opportunity to help with some reeeeeally cool styled shoots this year with justin :) 


Nicole Angeles