Hi guys! I have once again disappeared from my lonely blog only to return for this rare moment! :P

To catch up really quick, I have been continuously looking for new opportunities! I also really want to change up some things on my site and resume but hopefully I can manage my time to do so! I also finished a side project for a client that I met from our Starbucks show in December so that was really neat. I also got to spend a little bit of time with my brother and Amy before they left for Colorado Springs and now I'm just trying to juggle a lot of things in the short amount of time I have each day, now that my hours have changed (which is a super bummer). Oh! I also got to spend a very lovely Valentine's Day with Justin by having a nice picnic with homemade pizza (which was SUPER yummy) and took advantage of relaxing while finally watching the Lego Movie haha. 

In the next couple months I'm looking forward to:

- SEAWORLD! I get to see my favorite animal---the Polar Bear!
- My birthday! XD
- Echosmith concert!
- Maroon 5 concert!

These are just some events that I know for sure are happening, but who knows, something else might come up which would be super cool! :) Anyway I have to leave this particular place soon so until next time! I'll try not to be absent for so long!

Nicole Angeles