In the Midst

Hi all :D. I feel like I always apologize for being absent in my blog posts and though there isn't really a better excuse than busyness and work hour changes, I've been feeling a bit stuck. I think I'm just in the middle of trying to find better opportunities while bumming everyday doing work and being in an environment that kind of brings me down. I'm praying for whatever open or closed doors I come across and hopefully find the right one. I think the repetitiveness and same-old-same-old routine also adds to the feeling, but this past Sunday I was reminded of how loved I am by my family and friends. It was my 26th birthday and I was already feeling kind of stressed and discouraged that I didn't really do anything special. Little did I know that my amazing family and friends threw me a surprise party at my house! I BAWLED when I saw everyone and then I cried again when I saw my good friends Gina and Steph, who drove all the way from LA to join me for my birthday! I was so SO blessed and so thankful for everyone that was there to show me love! :) When you're given the unexpected in an amazing way, it reminds you to appreciate and be thankful for the people in your life. My Mom was the one who orchestrated the whole idea and it made me so happy and appreciative of her and my Dad, who have always shown me patience and love no matter what. I honestly didn't think I would ever be thrown a surprise party so I was just so overwhelmed with happiness that day and it definitely made my once-bummy day a whole lot better. :)

So! I've been really slow on this project idea but I really want to start some drum covers for Youtube but I just haven't picked out songs or practiced like I was supposed to (and I hope to have at least 1 by VidCon so I can have soooomething to talk about if someone asked me haha). The idea of making drum covers is exciting but it also makes me a bit nervous because I've been watching my favorite drummers on Youtube and they are SO. GOOD.

Anywayyy, I shall go back to things! Hope you have a goodnight! :)

Nicole Angeles