Glorious Friday


Hello all! I'm so glad it's Friday already because the weekend is now! I get to leave early from work which makes today even better! I'm also going to work on some design assignments that could lead to something cool and while I vaguely write about it, I'm just excited and very hopeful! ALSO, Justin and I are going to a Maroon 5 concert tomorrow :3. I still have to post pictures and blog about my recent adventures but since I'm stuck doing mobile I can't really upload a lot of pictures... 

So I'm kind of lagging behind on my side project to make drum covers BUT I have narrowed down my selection of songs to a few and I just need to practice and free-play...which is probably the most important step. Be on the look out for videos! I am determined to get at least ONE out before July [VidCon] and hopefully I can actually get the ball rolling for it! 

Alrighty I have to go and do some things requiring work so I hope you have a nice day and Good Friday! :)

Nicole Angeles