Current Mood:

…Is Cactus.

So yesterday I had the unfortunate happening that is one of the many nightmares of a graphic designer---losing design files. I guess I must have accidentally deleted the folder that contained all of my website files and all of my most recent work (that I was actually very pleased with) and any time machine backups that would have had the files are gone. I'm going to try some data recovery programs to hopefully get them back but I honestly don't even know at what point I deleted the files. I was (and still am) so upset because 1. I needed the originals for my physical portfolio that I need to have done ASAP and 2. It was my recent work that I worked hard on. 

Anywayy…today I have to finish up my portfolio and send it for printing but hopefully it will come out okay because I had to take the images from my website. :/ You do not know how bummed I am right now and if I can't recover the files I'll have to recreate them but I don't even know how many extra hours that will be and having to make it again sort of gives me a negative feeling about it. Gosh I even lost all of my own personal branding files…

But yes, that is my current mood today: cactus.

Nicole Angeles