That Getty Life

Hi all! Happy weekend! I wanted to share some photos on a recent daytrip to the Getty Museum with Justin! SADLY though, I accidentally left my DSLR on during the whole car ride there (about 2 hours) and my camera was DEAD---I was so bummed and I had to resort to using my iPhone...anyway, besides all that, our trip was fun and relaxing and very stress free! If you haven't been to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, then you MUST! [] It was my third time visiting and I never get tired of how beautiful and amazing the whole area is---from the architecture to the landscaping and gardens to, of course, the art, this Getty trip will not be our last! Check out some of my [iPhone] pictures with the help from VSCO Cam [], a very awesome and handy photo editing app that I use on the daily. I had so much fun and I will make sure NOT to leave my camera on next time! T_T

*Note on some of the photos: I brought a nifty super wide lens attachment for my phone and in those photos it may not be as focused around the edges. :D


Nicole Angeles